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When you choose to work with me in my Empowered Choices Coaching Program, you will:

Cultivate and EMBODY a deep state of Self-Love, clarity, connection and joy within yourself.

Become a witness to your thoughts, rather than a victim of them.

Evict the mean person that has unlawfully taken up residence in your mind.

Dissolve the old limiting beliefs and replace them with new and EMPOWERING thoughts and behaviors.

Understand that in every moment, you hold the power of CHOICE. You have the freedom to choose your thoughts, feelings and actions and CREATE the life of your DREAMS!

You hold the POWER to actively CHOOSE the path of your life.

Working with me and my Empowered Choices Coaching Program gives you a new perspective on your purpose, your path and your power. Together we will unearth, process, heal and release the old, disempowering beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your highest potential, and replace them with new and EMPOWERING beliefs, from the guidance of your Highest Self through the Akashic Records and my intuitive connection to your guides.

"Working with Julie has been unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve never met such a powerful conduit for my own personal healing. I have seen such a positive change in my level of self-care and self-love, my career, my sleep and my own inner contentment. My inner happiness is no longer dependent on my outside circumstances. I’m so grateful I crossed paths with Julie. A huge part of me has simply been set free."  ~Lauren S, CO 

"When I met Julie, I felt broken. I just knew deep down this was my next step in healing, and I signed up for the 3 month coaching/reading as soon as it was offered. It’s been about 6 months since we first met and the growth I’ve seen in myself, the shifts I’ve made in viewing my situations are pretty huge. Julie gives me a different perspective on what I am going through, a shift I can make that is so small yet so huge in my soul’s growth. I honestly feel her light in my heart every time we connect."  ~Diana J. Seattle, WA.