Edited Zoolander

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic flow of Divine Knowing from your soul's point of view.

The Records would like to remind us that everything is energy and all energy exists on a continuum of potential to form. On the form end, we have the channeled information. On the potential end, we have the Divine Knowing. The journey from potential to form in a reading is the channeling of the Divine Knowing from your soul through the Reader.  

The Akashic Records exist within the 100% potential energy of the infinite and eternal. When we work with the Akashic Records, a field of energy is created between your energy, Julie's energy and the energy of the Akashic Records. Since the energy of the infinite and eternal will always maintain itself as 100% pure potential energy, when we enter the Akashic Records, the effect of the joined energy fields raises the resonance of our energies into equilibrium with the pure potential of the Akashic Records. It's really a profound and magical experience!

How do I prepare for an Akashic Records Reading?

  • Relax. A reading is not meant to be a stressful experience. It is intended to be a loving experience of connection with your soul. 
  • Trust. Trust Julie (your Reader) and trust that what comes through is meant to assist you from the Highest place of love and support for your growth and evolution.  
  • Be open. Be open to ideas and information that are beyond your current awareness.
  • Let go of expectations and your desire to control the outcome. Expectations will limit the possibilities of the infinite and eternal.  

Why work with the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records provide clarity and guidance to help you navigate your journey through life, through your personal growth and evolution.  

Working with the Akashic Records brings about balance and alignment, connection and resonance within your life. We are working within the energy of the origin of your soul, and Julie is viewing the information from the perspective of your soul and not your body.  

When you work with the Records through Julie as your Reader, they (the Records and Julie) help you unpack that which comes up in a reading and is usually what is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential in the present. You will receive the answers to your questions, and you will also receive guidance on how to process the information and integrate the guidance into your daily life. They will shine light on your blind spots and help you see that which is in the shadows of your mind. Even the most intuitive people have trouble seeing all of themselves and need coaches or loved ones to show them what they are having trouble seeing for and of themselves.  


"My reading with Julie reignited my desire and excitement in my goals and dreams. It gave me clarity on how I could move forward and to take the necessary steps. Julie helped me shift my perspective on my situation and step back into my power."  ~Dayna D, Canada