Bringing Corporate Wellness Massage into the workplace provides: 

  • Physical and mental preventative maintenance for work-related injuries and strains (aka Worker’s Comp claims) 
  • Wellness education on stretches and exercises that reduce pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints 
  • A progressive addition to a benefits package that encourages employee retention and attracts new hires 
  • Increases employee productivity and morale through feeling cared for and appreciated by your company 
  • Boosts the mood of (nearly) everyone on massage days. Employees that receive massage will experience feelings of joy and refreshment and return to work more focused and less stressed 

Your employees are the backbone of your company. They sit at desks all day; they are operating machinery that churns out your products; they are on their feet all day serving the customers that come to your business for a service. Your employees are using their bodies to serve your company’s needs in return for a paycheck.  

Neck, shoulder and low back pain is quickly becoming an epidemic amongst people with desk jobs. Repetitive use strains and injuries are prevalent in the more active manufacturing and service industry jobs. Without proper bodywork care and education, these physical issues can take your employees out of work and lead to Worker’s Comp claims.  

Providing massage in your workplace on a quarterly basis, or more, is a frequency that will yield massive positive results for your employees, which in turn, is great for the company. When a person feels better physically and mentally, they can perform at a higher level with a more positive attitude, than when they are feeling drained and distracted by chronic pain and stiffness. Over the last two years of working with my largest Corporate Wellness Massage client in Portland, I have witnessed transformations in the employees that center around increased self-awareness, improved body mechanics, and adding daily stretches and movement to their Self-Care routines. And EVERYONE returns to work after a session with me relaxed and focused mentally, with less tension and more flexibility in their physical body. Their spirits are uplifted and joyful, and that energy gets spread around to everyone that they come into contact with. Over time with consistent frequency, those feelings of joy and relaxation are triggered when they see the sign-up sheet posted! 

What does Reyes Bodywork offer?

I provide 25 minute fully clothed TABLE massages with 5 minutes in between sessions, at a maximum of 12 sessions per day. Men have the option of removing their shirt, if they are comfortable with that, and women can wear tank tops for better access to their neck, shoulders and back.

I use coconut oil or a hypoallergenic sensitive skin formula lotion, plus essential oils to provide an efficient means of relaxing the muscles with a spa like feeling. The table is padded with a table warmer for a more cozy experience.

Why 25 minute sessions vs 15 minute sessions?

In my experience with CWM and working in a chiropractic clinic, 15 minutes just isn't long enough for the client to actually get to a place of relaxation and for the work to be effective. 25 minute sessions allow for time to take off shoes and any extra clothing, discuss the client's wishes, give an effective and relaxing treatment and for me to teach the client any stretches or self massage techniques that would be helpful to them.

Why table massage and not chair massage?

Chair massage is very painful and arduous on a short person's body. I am only 5' 3" tall. Table massage is just more comfortable for everyone involved!

What does Julie need to provide this wonderful experience?

I need a 7' x 10' space (approximately) in a private room with a lamp for lighting and the ability to cover any windows that are open to the public; at least one outlet to plug the table warmer into; and bathroom access. I also need a parking spot in the building's parking garage or street parking nearby.

What are the fees for Corporate Wellness Massage?

In the Portland-Metro area, the fee is $80/hr plus 1 hour for travel/set-up/tear down. A minimum of 3 hours hands-on massage time is required for booking.

In the San Francisco-Bay Area, the fee is $100/hr plus 1 hour for travel/set-up/tear down. A minimum of 5 hours hands-on massage time required for booking.

A 30 minute break will be added when working 4+ hours and an hour lunch break will be added when working 6+ hours.


**A 50% deposit payment is due a minimum of 10 days prior to the day of service**

I will send an invoice via the Square

Getting started

Email me at  or call me at 503-789-8349 to discuss how I can best serve the needs of your company and its employees.

I look forward to working with you!

In Love and Light,