Cheryl M.

There are many massage therapists who are highly skilled in their profession.  Very rarely, will you find a professional like Julie who is gifted and brings to her craft the ability to attend to and see all of you body, mind, heart and soul.  Her massages always expertly address my physical needs and always work at much deeper levels.  Release is magical, balance restored, I feel all of me vital, healthy and beloved.  Thank you, Julie!  You rock!!

Lauren Carr, owner of Artemis Foods

I have hired Julie for the past two summers to come to our kitchen and give office and kitchen staff 15 minutes massages. Our summer months are very very taxing in the catering business, especially on our bodies. Julie has an intuitive sense of just what each person's body needs, making a 15 minute massage feel like an hour. She is professional and her approach to bodywork is focusing on the entire body, not just physically. Outside of work, I have also gone to her for bodywork regularly. Every session is different from the first as she focuses on what I need at the present time.

Jeremiah C.

Julie is a fantastic massage therapist. Her sessions are always calm and relaxing and she takes extra time to make sure the problem areas are addressed. I always leave her massages feeling great! She’s also extremely easy to schedule with and is very accommodating. I can’t wait for my next massage with Julie!

Victor C.

I know Julie in three capacities: my former Pilates Instructor; my current Massage Therapist; and my friend.  Her knowledge of body movement through teaching yoga and pilates coupled with her experience as a certified massage therapist gives her a unique perspective.  All coupled with her holistic interest in mind, body and spirit, translates into therapeutic massage experience that is uncommon.  My weekly massage is a integral part of my total body maintainance program which includes widely varied exercise. This is especially critical to me, as I have Parkinson's.  I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a talented therapist producing outstanding results.  Her new studio is great as well.

Owens Corning employees

"I am really impressed with the quality of massage that Julie has to offer. She is able to find all the spots on my body that need to be worked on, she cares about her clients, and she really likes her job. After a session with Julie, I feel more relaxed, energetic, and more productive in my job."  ~Dan F
"It's my favorite perk of working here!"  ~Jake
"We all appreciate you coming here to work with us. I always feel so much more relaxed and my muscles feel looser after a session with you."  ~Steve S
"Julie has been coming to my work for over 2 years now and it has been wonderful. She has always been pleasant to work with and has been able to help me when I come in very sore. She has also taught me a few different exercises to do on my own to help with aches and pains. I would recommend her to anyone."  ~James B

Kathy S

I connected with Julie through a local yoga studio nearly two years ago. Her massages go far beyond a moment of relaxation (although I appreciate that, too!). Julie provides supportive healing in a kind and nurturing way that renews my energy and leaves me feeling great about the world. I highly recommend her!