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My work is a mix of Swedish, deep tissue massage, and Polarity and trigger point therapies. In every intuitively guided session, I use a blend of essential oils, chosen specifically for each client, to promote balance on the physical and energetic levels and raise the vibrational level of your healing. I believe that the body is not separate from the mind, heart and soul. With that understanding, we can change the physical patterns caused by posture and past traumas with an integrated approach that helps to heal the whole self.  

My intuitive abilities bring about an experience that is completely unique to you and assists in your expansion and healing on all levels—body, mind, heart and soul.   

AKASHIC RECORDS MASSAGE, an AMAZING new offering (for locals only)

An Akashic Records Reading incorporated into your massage!! We will use our time to ask your Akashic Records where stress, fear and trauma reside in your body; what the root cause of it is in your mindset; and work to release it out of the body, mind and heart so your soul is free to shine! You get to receive the best of both of my worlds, and feel amazing when you float out of my office.


With the monthly membership option, you receive one massage a month and all unused massages rollover so you never lose them. This is an auto-debit program.

The Monthly Membership options are offered at these discounted rates:

$77 for 1 Hour/month, plus a one-time $30 set-up fee

$99 for 1.5 Hours/month, plus a one-time $50 set-up fee

$119 for 2 Hours/month, plus a one-time $60 set-up fee

$150 for - 1 Hour/month, plus a one-time $55 set-up fee

$195 for 2 - 1.5 Hours/month, plus a one-time $70 set-up fee

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