Julie's Massage

Includes a blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and Polarity and trigger point therapies. The intuitively guided application of techniques and modalities is dependent upon the needs of your body, mind, heart and soul the day of your appointment

See the Schedule page for Package and Monthly Membership options. 

**Please provide at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel. You may be charged 50% of the session fee for a missed appointment.**

**New Online Offering** Healing With the Akashic Records

The way a Healing with the Akashic Records Reading works is, you ask your Records questions and I transmit the answers. I am not like any other AR Reader out there, in that, I have been guided to work with the Records specifically to heal and release the traumas, limiting beliefs and stories from your past that are keeping you from living a life of abundance, NOW. I have channeled lists of guided questions for four areas of focus: Trauma Release, Business/Career, Health & Well Being, and Relationships. You get to choose 2 areas of focus and 3 questions for each area, per Reading. The guided questions streamline the healing process by providing you with a road map to shedding the layers of pain and old stories that are no longer serving you. Trust that the questions you choose to ask are the best ones to provide you with the guidance that will empower you to Up Level your life. You will discover the wonders of your best life when your body, mind, heart and soul are in their place of Balance. 

All readings are recorded and conducted via Zoom meeting




Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a subtle energy technique that helps balance the natural electro-magnetic fields of both our internal and external environments creating a sense of well being, peace and harmony with both the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. 

You will float away from your Polarity Therapy session